Frihetstidens Konst and Den Gustavianska Konsten

Posted May 15, 2008 at 15:09 CEST in Books and Swedish books.


Frihetstidens Konst and Den Gustavianska Konsten by Göran Alm et al. are two big books in the same series about Swedish art history. As far as I know they’re not available in any other language than Swedish.

I thought both books were excellent, although Den Gustavianska Konsten was my favourite since the gustavian era is my favourite. They both cover many categories such as architecture, gardening, visual arts, furniture, textiles and folk art and more and there’s lots of information in every section, plus some general information about the era. There are also many gorgeous pictures, both photos, paintings and drawings. It’s just as fun to just look at the pictures without reading, but if you want good information the text is great. I’m far from an expert on antiquities though so this is an amateurs opinion.

Unfortunately both books seem terribly hard to find for sale, I could only find Den Gustavianska Konsten for sale at one place on the web, and it was insanely expensive. I found both books at the library though so I recommend looking for them there. I already returned Frihetstidens Konst so that’s why I only have a photo of one cover. If I could find them for sale at a reasonable price I would definitely buy them both, highly recommended!