Fashion-related links

Posted May 30, 2007 at 19:18 CEST in Costumers & web shops, Fashion, and Links.

La couturière parisienne
Really great sites with lots of pictures and information. Has a great How To section.

Period makeups
This site shows photos of makeup from 18th century movies.

Durán Textiles AB
Great site that sells wonderful reproductions of 18th century fabrics. Also has lots of photos and a great newsletter. Too expensive for me but I love looking at the site.

Sarah Juniper
Handmade shoes. Pretty much the only site I’ve seen so far that sells 18th century shoes that aren’t boring simple black leather.

Topsy Turvy Design
Hat maker who has some fantastic 18th century hats.

Amazing 18th century outfits. The text is in Swedish only but if you don’t know Swedish you can probably still figure out how to see the photos.

The costumes of Marie Antoinette
A site mainly about the costumes from Marie Antoinette movies, but there are also some photos of actual 18th century clothes, as well as lots of photos from 18th century movies in general.