1700s weekend at Gammel Estrup

Posted May 22, 2008 at 18:33 CEST in Events, Links, and Museums.

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The 28th and 29th June there will be an 18th century market at the Danish manor museum Gammel Estrup.

Come and visit the 1700s weekend here at Gammel Estrup, where the courtyard will be bursting with life and sound. The jugglers and fire-eaters will show what they can do, musicians will play lively old folk tunes and there are rumours that two headstrong noblemen will repeatedly get into argument and duel violently with each other. Dressed in clothes from the 1700s, the staff of the museum and a group of volunteer helpers will sell things at market stalls, serve food and drink in the coffee house and the secret bar, and ensure that there is music and entertainment.

Read more at the Gammel Estrup website.